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Piers Townsend

Piers graduated from Bangor University in 2018 with an MChem in Chemistry. During his degree, Piers undertook a summer internship at Liquids Research Ltd where he was involved in the synthesis and characterisation of ferromagnetic fluids. In his third year, he did a computational project under the supervision of Dr. Keith Hughes, where he studied the quantum dynamics of charge-transfer in bulk architecture heterojunction photovoltaic devices. For his Masters project, Piers explored his interest in sustainability and investigated whether plastic mixtures can be characterised using 1H NMR spectroscopy. In his spare time Piers likes playing video games, playing table tennis and exploring the philosophy of our existence.

  • An in silico toxicity prediction tool for pharmaceutical drug discovery with Dr Matthew Grayson and Dr Marianne Ellis – 1st MRes project
  • Development of Urea-based materials for CO2 capture with Dr Matthew Lennox, Dr Bernardo Castro-Dominguez and Professor Janet Scott – 2nd MRes project


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