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CSCT Symposium: Guest Speaker Prof Tanja Junkers

We are delighted to welcome Professor Tanja Junkers from Monash University to the University of Bath as the guest speaker at a special CSCT symposium on Thursday 28th February 2019.

To find out more about Professor Junkers’ research, please click here to read her profile.

The CSCT symposium will take place in 1 East 3.6 from 15.15 until 16.50. The confirmed speakers are listed below:

  • Dr Paul McKeown: ‘Zinc complexes for lactide polymerisation and PLA degradation’
  • Mr Marco Piccini: ‘Polymers from sugars:  combining carbohydrate and olefin metathesis chemistry towards sustainable plastics’
  • Miss Isabel Thomlinson: ‘Real-time FlowNMR and polarimetry for study of ring-opening polymerisation of lactide’
  • Dr Ulrich Hintermair: ‘Multi-dimensional operando Reaction Monitoring for Catalysis Research’
  • Prof Tanja Junkers: ‘Self-Optimizing High-Throughput Precision Polymer Synthesis in Continuous Flow’



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