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CSCT and Monash teams welcome first cohort of Global PhD students

A delegation of CSCT staff and students travelled to Monash University, Melbourne, to officially launch the Global PhD Programme in Sustainable & Circular Technologies and welcome the first cohort of students to the programme.

After a launching reception hosted with the support of the British Consulate-General Melbourne, the CSCT team took part in a two-day workshop aimed at sharing research and foster further collaborations between the two leading universities. The focus of the workshop was defossilisation and clean growth, and it included talks, student presentations and an engaging innovation session led by Jason Camp (STBAH), Rosie Bennett (SETSquared) and Helena Fern (The Generator). To close the event, Dr Mike Mason, CSCT Visiting Fellow, delivered a plenary talk on the future of carbon and the petrochemical industry.

The CSCT team also participated in a ‘Final 25% Challenge’ scoping dinner to explore a series of future events in Australia to discuss key technological solutions to transition to zero emissions.

During their stay in Australia, the new Bath students, who will be spending one year of their PhD training at Monash University, met the Monash recruits, who will be joining the CSCT in Bath in 2021. Their time in Melbourne also allowed them to spend some time together getting to know one another and familiarising themselves with their host university’s supervisors and surroundings.

Since its establishment in 2018, this collaborative programme has attracted over 50 applicants to join the Bath-Monash PhD in Sustainable & Circular Technologies. After the selection process, a total of four students (two from Bath and two from Monash) have been recruited to start in October 2019.

The joint PhD with Monash is the first joint research degree the University of Bath has established with an international partner, and it reflects our University’s commitment to internationalising doctoral provision.

Professor Matthew Davidson, who led the CSCT delegation said: “It was great to welcome our first students into the joint PhD programme, which adds fresh impetus to our long-standing collaboration with Monash. Exciting new initiatives were explored with the UK Consulate general as well as with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI), and I look forward to seeing their fruits in the coming years.”

Jaidene Parks, Global PhD student, said: ‘This is a really exciting programme, and this trip was great to hear more about all the opportunities that this collaboration offers. Meeting my supervisors and seeing the facilities at Monash have allowed me to focus my work back at Bath, so I can be prepared to make the most of my year in Australia when 2021 arrives.’

The recruitment for 2020 for the Global PhD Programme in Sustainable & Circular Technologies will open at the end of January. Current opportunities can be found on ‘Study with us’.

By 19 November 2019

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