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Abdulrahman Ba Jaman

Abdulrahman obtained his Master of Science (MSc) degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering with distinction from The University of Sheffield in 2020, following the successful completion of his Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Civil Engineering from King Saud University in 2018, where he achieved a 2.1 classification. Demonstrating his expertise and dedication, Abdulrahman collaborated with a consortium of 21 partners at Brunel University London, where he gathered and compiled data on two European buildings. He conducted a life cycle analysis (LCA) to estimate their environmental impacts, using SimaPro software and the Ecoinvent database in accordance with internationally recognised standards. Currently, Abdulrahman is pursuing a PhD focused on the sustainability of buildings. His research endeavours revolve around addressing Scope 3 emissions within the construction sector through the utilisation of hybrid life cycle assessment methodologies. Under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Allen and Dr. Aoife Wiberg, he aims to develop a tailored hybrid LCA method for the UK construction industry.

In his leisure time, Abdulrahman enjoys playing football, going to the gym, and engaging in diverse reading.


  • Tackling Scope 3 emissions in the construction sector using hybrid life cycle assessment with Dr Steve Allen and Dr Dr Aoife Houlihan Wiberg — PhD Project


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