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Abigail Thompson

Abigail graduated from the University of Reading in 2016 with an MChem in Chemistry. She was awarded the faculty prize for best dissertation for her final year project designing and analysing novel bridging ligands for use in molecular electronics. Before university she worked between the UK and South-East Asia as Co-director of an international volunteering company. In her spare time, Abigail volunteers as a medic and search technician with Wiltshire Search and Rescue.

  • Release, Monitoring and Recovery of Drugs with Selective Ionic Diodes with Professor Frank Marken and Professor Pedro Estrela; Industrial Partner: Zimmer & Peacock — PhD project
  • From cellulosic ion conductors to ionic devices with Professor Frank Marken and Professor Janet Scott — 2nd MRes project
  • CO2 as a feedstock for fuels and chemicals: whole-systems value chain modelling with Dr Sheila Samsatli, Dr Matthew Jones and Dr Antoine Buchard — 1st MRes project


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