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Adam Jackson

Adam graduated with an MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath in 2011. This included research into oxygen-scavenging hollow fibres with Dr Semali Perera, and an industrial placement with Infineum. His final projects moved into more sustainable territory with the design of a polylactide (PLA) plant and an environmentally-friendly aerosol. Adam’s other interests include playing in rock bands, producing experimental music and fencing.

  • Thermodynamics for practical kesterite photovoltaics with Dr Aron Walsh, Professor Laurie Peter and Dr Darrell Patterson; Industrial Partner: SPECIFIC — PhD project
  • Spherical carbon particles from cellulose for biomedical applications with Dr Davide Mattia, Dr Janet Scott & Dr Laura Torrente Murciano — 2nd MRes project
  • Enhanced light conversion: suface oxidation of GaN from ab initio thermodynamic modelling with Dr Aron Walsh & Dr Duncan Allsopp — 1st MRes project


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