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Adam Khan

Adam graduated from Cardiff University in 2020 with an MChem in Chemistry. His interest in greener synthetic methodologies stemmed from his CUROP placement under the supervision of Dr Duncan Browne – an eight-week placement involving in the synthesis and spectroscopic analysis of targeted Knoevenagel products, as part of a novel mechanochemistry study. During his final year project, Adam worked under the supervision of Dr Niklaas Buurma in field of flow automated reaction optimization using in-situ online spectroscopic analysis, which solidified his interest in physical organic chemistry and operando studies.

Outside of chemistry, Adam enjoys reading and writing, the outdoors, exploring new foods, exercising and swimming. Outside of his research, he is also expanding his knowledge of mathematics and coding in Python.


  • Multi-nuclear operando FlowNMR investigations of catalytic amine formation reactions with Dr Ulrich Hintermair and Dr David Sale (Syngenta); Industrial Partner: Syngenta — PhD Project


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