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Alison Ryder

Alison graduated from the University of Sussex with an MChem in Chemistry in 2013. Her interest in research developed over two summer placements, first with Professor Geoff Cloke and then in industry at Eli Lilly. Her final year research project with Professor John Spender started with the aim of looking at atom economical routes to 1,4-benzodiazepines but had a slight change of direction. Following graduation, she spent three years working for Infineum UK developing new detergent technologies for engine lubricant applications before deciding to head back to university. Outside of work Alison alternates between running, swimming and cycling but doesn’t do triathlons. She shows a casual disregard for recipes in her cooking and is an occasional baker.

  • Visible-light mediated C–H functionalisations with Dr Alex Cresswell; Industrial Partner: GSK — PhD Project
  • Biorenewable Syntheses of Nitrogen Heterocyles with Professor Steven Bull and Dr Ulrich Hintermair — 2nd MRes project
  • Metal Organic Framework Immobilised Organocatalysis: Catalyst Development, Characterisation and Evaluation with Dr Emma Emanuelsson and Professor Andrew Burrows — 1st MRes project


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