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Ben Hodges

Ben graduated from the University of Surrey in 2010 with an MChem (Chemistry). His third year was spent on placement at Holcim in Mons, Belgium working on a method for cement analysis using powder X-ray diffraction. His final year project was undertaken in conjunction with Holcim investigating alternative waste materials for the production of specialist cements. In his spare time he enjoys keeping fit, cooking and socialising.

  • Tailored donor acceptor carbon nanohybrids as new approaches to photovoltaic applications with Dr Sofia Pascu, Dr Petra Cameron, Professor Paul Raithby and Dr Davide Mattia; Industrial Partner: SAFC — PhD project
  • Porphyrin-functionalised nanomaterials for dye-sensitised solar cells and related photovoltaic applications with Dr Sofia Pascu and Dr Petra Cameron — 2nd MRes project
  • Hydrogen storage in nanostructured materials with Dr Semali Perera and Professor Tim Mays — 1st MRes project


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