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Bill Cunningham

Bill graduated from the University of Bath in 2013 with a MChem degree for drug discovery. He undertook a placement year at BAT where he investigated the effectiveness of different carbon types on the removal of vapour phase smoke toxicants.  During his final year at university he worked on developing potential catalysts for [2+2] ketene alkene cycloadditions. In his spare time Bill likes to play sport and is currently attempting to improve his surfing skills.

  • Catalytic conversion of terpene feedstocks into value-added chemicals and commodity chemicals with Professor Steven Bull and Dr Pawel Plucinski; International Partner: University of Stellenbosch — PhD project
  • Continuous ring opening and ozonolysis of monoterpene substrates with Dr Pawel Plucinski, Dr Darrell Patterson and Dr Steven Bull — 2nd MRes project
  • A catalytic synthesis of “green” paracetamol from the biorenewable limonene with Dr Steven Bull and Dr Pawel Plucinski — 1st MRes project


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