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David McClymont

David graduated from the University of St Andrews in June 2009 with an MChem in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry. During his 4th year I undertook an industrial placement with St Andrews Fuel Cells, where he was given the opportunity to develop their novel solid oxide fuel cell design. David enjoys a number of sports, in particular football and golf, and will never be found far from a TV when Man United are on!

  • Novel catalyst systems for DeNOx (and oxidation) with Professor Stan Kolaczkowski and Professor Kieran Molloy — PhD project
  • Structural techniques for developing new gas storage materials with Professor Paul Raithby and Professor Tim Mays — 2nd MRes project
  • Catalyst system design for the control of NOx using hydrogen with Professor Stan Kolaczkowski and Professor Kieran Molloy — 1st MRes project


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