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Duygu Celebi

Duygu has graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BSc in Chemistry where she studied plant extraction techniques as part of her final year project. She then completed her Master’s degree at Imperial College London in Green Chemistry where she worked on conversion of biomass using novel inorganic catalysts. Duygu enjoys playing tennis, learning foreign languages and socialising with friends.

  • Oxidised cellulose gels and films for encapsulation and release with Dr Karen Edler, Dr Janet Scott and Professor Richard Guy; Industrial Partner: Unilever — PhD project
  • Nanoscale characterisation of renewable rheology modifier derived from cellulose with Dr Davide Mattia, Dr Janet Scott and Dr Karen Edler — 2nd MRes project
  • Sustainable formulations: interactions between surfactants and clays with Dr Karen Edler, Dr Saskia Lindhoud and Dr Janet Scott — 1st MRes project


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