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Emma Daniels

Emma graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2018 with a Masters degree in Chemistry. During her degree, Emma did a summer project with Professor Neil Champness developing a novel [3]-rotaxane and investigating its use in catalysis. In her fourth year, she did computational project under the supervision of Professor Elena Besley, investigating the implantation of metal ions into carbon nanostructures using molecular dynamic simulations. In her spare time Emma enjoys being part of the dance society, practising yoga and attempting to learn Spanish.

  • The synthesis and development of sugar-derived polymers for application in healthcare technologies with Dr Antoine Buchard, Professor Steve Parker and Dr Hannah Leese; International Partner: Monash University – PhD Project
  • Supramolecular strategies towards stronger and self-healing sustainable polymers from sugars with Dr Antoine Buchard, Professor Steve Parker and Professor Chris Bowen – 1st MRes project
  • Responsive, printable cellulose membrane devices with Dr Hannah Leese and Professor Janet Scott – 2nd MRes project


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