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Emma Sackville

Emma completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol, graduating with an MSci in Chemistry in 2012. Her final year project involved looking at Boron/Zinc transmetallation to generate aryl nucleophiles, during which time she also developed a strong interest in public engagement. After graduation, she took a year out, working in finance for 6 months before travelling round South America. Other interests include music, dance and baking.

  • Molecularly defined electro-catalysts for energy conversion and biomass valorisation with Dr Ulrich Hintermair and Dr Frank Marken; Industrial Partner: Johnson Matthey — PhD project
  • Iridium-catalysed oxidations of inert molecules with Dr Ulrich Hintermair — 2nd MRes project
  • Fe/CO carbon nanotubes catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to hydrocarbons with Dr Davide Mattia and Dr Matthew Jones — 1st MRes project


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