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George Neville

George graduated from the University of Bath with an MChem in 2018. During his final year, his project focused on the design and implementation of fluorescent polymers to investigate the behaviour of lipid nanodiscs. George wants to continue this research at the CSCT, as well as improve his appreciation of sustainability issues and their solutions. In his spare time, George enjoys exploring new places, reading and eating.

  • Surface-tethered styrene-maleic acid lipid particles (SMALPs) towards the application of membrane proteins in devices with Professor Pedro Estrela, Professor Gareth Price, Dr Paul Whitley and Professor Karen Edler (Lund University); International Partner: Stellenbosch University – PhD Project
  • Engineering polymers for probing membrane protein interactions in lipid nanodiscs with Professor Karen Edler, Professor Gareth Price and Dr Paul Whitley – 1st MRes project
  • Novel forming methods for composite adsorbents for hydrogen storage with Professor Tim Mays, Professor Andy Burrows and Professor Chris Bowen – 2nd MRes project


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