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Helen Lomax

Helen graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2010 with a MSci in chemistry. Her third year was spent on placement with GlaxoSmithKline carrying out drug discovery research. She then went on to do her final year project on natural product synthesis. After graduating she worked for a year at Springfields Fuels Ltd on their graduate training scheme. In her spare time she likes kickboxing, horse riding and cooking.

  • New approaches to the catalytic activation of arenes with Professor Jonathan Williams, Professor Steven Bull and Dr Darrell Patterson; International Partner: RWTH Aachen University – PhD project
  • Stimuli responsive membrane for fouling reduction with Dr Darrell Patterson and Dr Michael Bird — 2nd MRes project
  • An alternative waste free approach to biodiesel synthesis with Professor Jonathan Williams and Professor Stan Kalczkowski — 1st MRes project


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