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Helena Quilter

Helena graduated with an MChem (Chemistry) from the University of Sheffield in 2011, where she spent a year designing and synthesizing organometallic complexes as luminescent DNA probes. Since then she has worked as a site chemist for a hazardous waste management company, and released an album with a folk-rock band.

  • Terpene Derived Monomers for New Polymers with Dr Matthew Jones, Dr Davide Mattia and Professor Matthew Davidson; International Partners: RWTH Aachen University and Stellenbosch University – PhD project
  • Bioorthogonal ligation of chromophores to tumor homing peptides: Towards new tools for drug delivery and diagnostics with Dr Ian Eggleston, Professor Rex Tyrrell and Dr Sofia Pascu — 2nd MRes project
  • Radiolabelling antibodies and generation of multimetallic imaging and sensing arrays: New tools for sensing and imaging with Dr Sofia Pascu — 1st MRes project


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