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Jack Glancy

Jack studied for his MChem at New College, Oxford and graduated in 2016. During his fourth year he worked under the supervision of Professor Michael Willis, where he investigated the synthesis of sulfur-based heterocycles via Rh-catalysed hydroacylation. During the summer of 2016, he worked in Kenya for an Oxford-based charity (The Nasio Trust), researching ways to dispose of a waste-product of the sugar manufacturing process. He continued to work for the charity on his return from Kenya, working for the year writing grant proposals and designing projects to run in 2017. He spent the summer of 2017 working for Nasio in northern Tanzania on a water defluoridation project and in Kenya on algae aquaculture as a sustainable business venture. In his spare time, he plays rugby and enjoys the theatre.

  • Kinetic isotope effects as transition-state probes for glycosidic reactions with Professor Ian Williams and Dr Chris Pudney – PhD project
  • Visible-Light Driven C–H Bond Functionalisation for Amine Synthesis with Dr Alexander Cresswell and Dr Salvador Eslava — 2nd MRes project
  • A Sustainable Catalytic Strategy to Feeding the World: Direct Oxidation of Dinitrogen to Nitric Acid with Dr Ulrich Hintermair and Dr Vera Krewald — 1st MRes project


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