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Jacob Boswell

Jacob graduated with an MChem from University of Reading. In his final year project he used spectroelectrochemical techniques to probe the mechanisms in the transformation of CO2 to CO with organometallic catalysts. Moving to the Maldives he then became the Operations Manager for an international food safety consultancy company, Food Safety Asia. He joined the CSCT to return to research and pursue his keen interest in sustainability. Outside of work Jacob enjoys amongst other things mountaineering, English folk and winning ultra-marathons.

  • Mesoporous metals for inductively heated catalysis with Dr Adam Squires and Dr Alf Hill; Industrial Partner: SPECIFIC — PhD project
  • Iron will! Iron catalysed isomerisation of double bonds with Dr Ruth Webster and Professor Steven Bull — 2nd MRes project
  • Enhanced water treatment of hormone-mimic pollutants: investigating reaction chemistry in a photocatalytic spinning mesh disc reactor with Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern and Dr Emma Emanuelsson — 1st MRes project


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