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Jemma Rowlandson

Jemma graduated with an MChem in Chemistry from the University of Southampton in 2013. Her final year included a placement with Merck Chemicals in Chilworth, where she undertook a research project involving liquid crystals. Her third year research project investigated the effectiveness of osmium adlayers on a platinum surface towards methanol electrooxidation. Jemma’s other interests include swimming, water polo and squash.

  • Development of Innovative Nanoporous Carbons from Renewable Lignin Feedstocks and Investigation of Novel Characterisation Techniques with Dr Valeska Ting and Professor Karen Edler; Industrial Partners: MAST Carbon and Oak Ridge National Laboratory – PhD project
  • Self-assembled solar cells with Dr Petra Cameron and Professor Alison Walker — 2nd MRes project
  • Structural characterisation and molecular modelling of porous carbons with Dr Valeska Ting and Professor Steve Parker — 1st MRes project


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