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Jennifer Crabtree

Jenny completed her dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Sheffield University and graduated with an MEng in July 2009. Her third year design project involved the design of an anaerobic digester to produce methane from kitchen waste as part of a larger group project focussing on the conversion of waste CO2 back into fuel. For her MEng research project she studied the nucleus formation and growth of dendritic crystal structures and how they were affected by environmental conditions.

  • Molecular modelling of CO2 adsorption, separation and sequestration with Professor Steve Parker and Dr Semali Perera – PhD project
  • Probing the surface structure and reactivity of zinc oxide surfaces with Professor Stephen Parker and Dr Matthew Davidson — 2nd MRes project
  • Flow chemistry for the conversion of amides to amines with Dr Pawel Plucinkski and Professor Jonathan Williams — 1st MRes project


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