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Jinghui Liang (Helen)

Jinghui completed her Bachelors at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. In the final year, she went to University of Dundee as an exchange student. As part of her project, she investigated H2O2 in methionine oxidation. She has been interested in microbiology for a long time, so she decided to learn more about it as part of her PhD. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, playing the piano and walking.

  • Tackling carbon catabolite repression and sporulation in Parageobacillus spp with Professor David Leak and Dr Albert Bolhuis; Industrial Partner: Corbion – PhD project
  • Sporulation deficiency in Geobacillus spp with Dr Albert Bolhuis and Professor David Leak — 2nd MRes project
  • Tackling catabolite repression in Geobacillus spp with Professor David Leak and Dr Albert Bolhuis — 1st MRes project


Helen is an MSCA-FIRE fellow.

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