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Jonathan Barnard

Jonathan completed his MEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath in 2017. This included a yearlong placement with ExxonMobil at Fawley Refinery working as an energy support engineer. This involved working to maximise energy efficiency across the refinery via fired heater and steam system optimisation. During his time at Bath he was involved with a computational project concerning the growth of cultured meat, specifically the optimisation of oxygen mass transfer through a hollow fibre bioreactor to optimise cell growth. Outside of work Jonathan enjoys cycling, 5-a-side football and the occasional bath rugby game.

  • Multifunctional adsorbent structures for air purification with Professor John Chew, Professor Semali Perera and Professor Andrew Burrows; Partner: DSTL, Carbonex Ltd, Avon Protection and Monash University – PhD project
  • Hydrogen Adsorption and Transport in Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity with Professor Stephen Parker and Professor Tim Mays – 2nd MRes project
  • Maximising gas-liquid mass transfer in carbonatation process in cane sugar refining with Professor John Chew and Professor Semali Perera – 1st MRes project


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