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Jonathan Chouler

Jon graduated from the University of Bath with an MEng in Chemical Engineering, which included a 6 month overseas research project at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a year-long placement working for Procter and Gamble in process improvements for dish homecare manufacturing. Outside of work Jon enjoys cycle touring, brewing beer/wine and playing guitar.

  • Development of a self-sustainable and cost-effective tool for water quality monitoring in developing countries with Dr Mirella di Lorenzo, Dr Petra Cameron and Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Horden; Industrial Partners: Wessex Water and Wellboring – PhD project
  • Biobatteries: building up the next generation energy devices with Dr Mirella di Lorenzo and Dr Petra Cameron — 2nd MRes project
  • Flow NMR for In-Operando Investigation of Homogenous Catalysts with Dr Ulrich Hintermair and Dr John Lowe — 1st MRes project