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Kasia Maltby (née Smug)

Kasia graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland with a degree in Chemical Engineering. In her third year, she was an intern at DeLaval Operations at Hygiene Factory. After studies she undertook an internship at 3M at Quality Department and used to work with Quality Management System. In her spare time she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.

  • New sustainable materials from terpenoid feedstocks with Dr Pawel Plucinski, Professor Matthew Davidson and Dr Ulrich Hintermair; Industrial Partners: Sasol and Isobionics – PhD project
  • Renewable Polymers from Terpene Feedstocks with Professor Matthew Davidson, Dr Ulrich Hintermair, Professor Mark Weller, Dr Laura Torrente Murciano — 2nd MRes project
  • Process intensification of paracetamol synthesis with Dr Pawel Plucinski , Dr Steven Bull and Dr Ulrich Hintermair — 1st MRes project


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