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Kathryn Wills

Kathryn graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2007 with an MSci in Chemistry, spending her final year researching bimetallic complexes of Schiff-base calixpyrrole macrocycles and their ability to bind and activate dinitrogen. She followed this up with a summer project at the University of Edinburgh, investigating mass spectrometry ionisation techniques suitable for characterising these air-sensitive compounds. Kathryn spent 12 months working for the RSC before joining the CDT, completing their Communication and Membership Marketing graduate programme, and in her spare time enjoys tennis, socialising with friends, reading and supporting her home football team, Sunderland AFC.

  • Copper-based dye-sensitised solar cells: Economically viable photovoltaics with Dr Petra Cameron, Dr Simon Lewis, Dr Matthew Jones and Dr Davide Mattia – PhD project 
  • Bio-photovoltaic cells with Dr Petra Cameron and Professor Laurie Peter — 2nd MRes project
  • Rational design of efficient copper based dyes for dye-sensitised solar cells with Dr Petra Cameron — 1st MRes project


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