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Laura English

Laura graduated from Heriot-Watt University with an MChem in Chemistry in 2018. During her time there she undertook a summer project synthesising mechanoluminescent nano-particles. Her final year research project was based on the synthesis of novel, sterically crowded carboranes as a route to mixed-ligand ruthenacarboranes. In her free time, Laura enjoys baking, reading and sleeping.

  • Main group catalysis for sustainable piezoelectrics with Dr David Liptrot, Professor Chris Bowen and Professor Matthew Jones; International Partner: Los Alamos National Laboratory – PhD Project
  • Solution synthesis of elemental phosphorus for sustainable functional materials with Dr David Liptrot and Professor Matthew Jones – 1st MRes project
  • Pyroelectric materials for water treatment with Professor Chris Bowen and Professor Toby Jenkins – 2nd MRes project


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