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Lee Burton

Lee graduated with an MChem degree from the University of Warwick in 2010 after spending a year modeling charge transport in organic semiconductors. Previously he also worked on a professional placement undertaking research for the Australian Antarctic Division at the University of Tasmania in 2008. Outside of academia, he enjoys skiing/ snowboarding, reading and is currently learning to play the piano.

  • Phase stability and composition for tin sulfide sensitised solar cells with Dr Aron Walsh, Professor Kieran Molloy and Professor Chris Bowen; Industrial Partner: IMRA-Europe  PhD project
  • Characterisation of nanoporous hydrogen storage materials with Professor Tim Mays, Dr Karen Edler and Dr Valeska Ting — 2nd MRes project
  • Computer modelling of new materials for solid oxide fuel cells with Professor Saiful Islam — 1st MRes project


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