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Leyorla Ohene-Yeboah

Leyorla graduated from the University of Southampton with a Masters degree in Chemistry. For her placement year, she spent some time at Abbott Diabetes Care, fabricating and testing prototypes of medical devices in Oxfordshire. For her final year project, she used sampled current voltammetry to probe the oxygen reduction reaction in an effort to further understand the kinetics behind the reaction. Leyorla loves to be as idle as possible in her spare time, but if not, she likes to crotchet, read and bake whenever she has the time.

  • Pollutant speciation and remediation in the environment using atomistic simulations with Professor Steve Parker, Dr Jannis Wenk and Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern; International Partner: Chinese Academy of Sciences – PhD project
  • Aging of Polymers: the effect on hydrogen adsorption and transport with Professor Steve Parker and Professor Tim Mays — 2nd MRes project
  • Non-invasive monitoring of glucose with foamy gold electrodes embedded in functionalised hollow fibres with Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo, Professor Semali Perera and Dr Pedro Estrela — 1st MRes project


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