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Lisa Sargeant

Lisa joined the CDT in 2010, after graduating from The University of Nottingham earlier the same year with a BSc in Biochemistry. During the final year of her course she undertook a research project looking at protein-protein interactions of the Cas-CRISPR protein Cas3. Her interests outside the CDT include a variety of sport and social events, including swimming and running. Lisa has recently been elected as ‘Public Engagement Rep’ within the CDT.

  • The development of microbial lipids suitable as low temperature fuel feedstock with Dr Chris Chuck, Professor Rod Scott and Professor Matthew Davidson; Industrial Partners: Airbus Group and Almac  PhD project
  • Emulsifying materials from algal biomass with Dr Tom Arnot, Professor Rod Scott and Professor Matthew Davidson — 2nd MRes project
  • Directed evolution of a thermostable hydrolase for the synthesis of amide bond with Dr Steven Bull and Professor Mike Danson — 1st MRes project


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