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Marcus Shanley

Marcus graduated from the University of Bath in 2022 with a first-class Master’s in Chemistry. During his third year, he completed a 12-month placement working in Early Chemical Development at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, applying visual kinetic analyses to establish process understanding and improve the sustainability of precious metal-catalyzed transformations. He was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Bristol and District Section Best Placement Prize in recognition of this work. During his final year project, Marcus studied under the supervision of Dr Alex Cresswell, investigating the photocatalytic hydroaminoalkylation of vinyl sulfones. Here, he developed a keen interest in applying photochemistry and flow chemistry as enabling techniques for organic synthesis.

Outside of the lab, Marcus is extremely active in Scouting. He holds many roles, including a Queen’s scout, cub scout leader, scout leader, tomahawk throwing instructor and air rifle instructor!


  • Photocatalytic Synthesis of Strained Rings with Dr Alex Cresswell and Dr Simon Lewis; Industrial Partner: Janssen — PhD Project


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