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Matthew Oshinowo

Matt graduated with an MChem degree from the University of York in 2017. For his final year research project, he completed an 8-month internship in the Chimie Inorganique Redox (CIRE) research group at the Université Grenoble Alpes, France. His master’s thesis reported the synthesis and study of molecular photocatalytic systems for the production of hydrogen gas with the goal of using it as a renewable solar fuel.

After graduating, Matt worked as an analytical chemist for Industrial Chemicals Ltd (ICL), where he tested various water treatment chemicals that ICL produce. His love for travel then led to him to spend six months in Asia prior to starting his PhD in the CSCT, where he is working on the synthesis of novel degradable polymers from sugars. Other than his passion for chemistry, Matt loves the outdoors, technology and collecting/solving Rubik’s cubes and other twisty puzzles.


  • Novel monomers from sugars: synthesis, catalysis, polymerisation and applications in degradable electronics with Dr Antoine Buchard, Professor Frank Marken and Dr Hugo Bronstein (University of Cambridge) — PhD Project


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