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Maya Singer Hobbs

Maya graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with an MChem. She also spent a year studying in Montreal, where alongside her studies she undertook a project researching nitrogen rich compounds. Her MChem project focused on homogeneous iridium-based catalysis for industrial applications. In her spare time, you’ll find her riding her bike whilst thinking about the optimal packing strategy for fitting cakes in her panniers (she thinks it’s face-centred cubic)

  • New Catalysts for Dioxygen Activation with Dr Uli Hintermair, Dr Pawel Plucinski and Professor Karen Edler; International Partner: Monash University – PhD project
  • All in one pot: Making Biopolymers from Waste Oil with Dr Emma Patterson, Dr Matthew Jones and Dr Darrell Patterson — 2nd MRes project
  • New Aerobic Oxidation Catalysts in Aqueous Biphasic Media for Sustainable Synthesis with Dr Uli Hintermair and Dr Pawel Plucinski — 1st MRes project


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