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Miriam Regue

Miriam graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a BSc in Chemistry in 2014. Afterwards, she did her MSc in Applied Materials Chemistry at the University of Barcelona and graduated in 2015. During her BSc, she did a five months internship at Imperial College London under the Erasmus programme, where she worked with mesoporous materials and photocatalysts for water splitting processes. During her MSc, she worked on the formation of Pickering emulsions using low-energy methods. In her spare time, Miriam enjoys walking, taking photos and baking carrot cakes!

  • Development of nanostructured metal oxides for solar fuels with Dr Salvador Eslava, Dr Michael Bird and Dr Andrew Johnson; International Partner: Technical University of Denmark – PhD project
  • Earth Abundant Energy Materials: Cu2O and CuO with Dr Andrew Johnson, Professor Michael Hill and Professor Laurie Peter — 2nd MRes project
  • Efficient catalysts prepared from graphene oxide and metal oxo cages with Dr Salvador Eslava and Dr Andrew Johnson — 1st MRes project


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