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Naomi Elstone

Naomi graudated from the University of Bath with an MChem degree in 2014. This included a placement at Syngenta where she carried out research into Pickering emulsions. Her final project investigated the interactions of PEI with sulphobetaine monolayers. In her spare time Naomi enjoys cooking and occasionally running.

  • Extraction and modification of greener surfactants from natural sources and their use in development of delivery methods for active compounds with Professor Karen Edler, Professor David Leak and Dr Tom Arnold; Industrial Partner: Unilever – PhD project
  • Novel Zwitterionic Amphiphiles for Pharmaceutically Acceptable Drug Encapsulation with Professor Karen Edler and Dr Simon Lewis — 2nd MRes project
  • Stimuli Responsive (Smart) Cellulose Membranes to Solve Fouling with Dr Darrell Patterson and Dr Janet Scott — 1st MRes project