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Oliver Hammond

Oliver graduated from the University of Bristol with an MSci in Chemistry in 2014. His research interests include colloid science and surfactants, and for his MSci project he synthesised and characterised a family of novel super-low surface energy green surfactants and surfactant ionic liquids. Outside of the lab, he partakes in cycling, Sudoku and tobogganing.

  • Deep Eutectic Solvents: Structure, Surfactants and Synthesis with Professor Karen Edler and Dr Salvador Eslava; Partner: STFC – PhD project
  • Continuous synthesis of structured materials in novel green solvents with Dr Laura Torrente Murciano and Professor Karen Edler — 2nd MRes project
  • Plant metabolites as green solvents with Professor Karen Edler and Dr Laura Torrente Murciano — 1st MRes project


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