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Oliver Weber

Oli graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 with an MSci in Chemistry, including a year at the University of Toronto for study and research into materials for organic electronics. His final year project in Bristol with the electrochemistry group focused on electrocatalysis and semiconductor photoelectrochemistry. Outside of chemistry he enjoys viola, squash and armchair rugby.

  • Optimizing energy harvesting processes in metal halide photovoltaics with Professor Mark Weller and Professor Chris Bowen; Industrial Partner: SPECIFIC – PhD project
  • New materials for photochemical water spiltting with Professor Mark Weller, Dr Petra Cameron, Professor Laurie Peter and Professor Alison Walker — 1st MRes project
  • Synthesis of uniform metal nanoparticles in 3D microreactors with Dr Laura Torrente Murciano and Dr Davide Mattia — 2nd MRes project


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