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Paul McKeown

Paul graduated from the University of Liverpool with an MChem in 2012. His third year project was based on the synthesis and use of novel silica-polymer composites which he carried on into the summer. For the forth year, he worked on heterogeneous catalysts for biomass production, considering platinum-ruthenium nanoparticles for glycerol reformation. Other interests include music and playing guitar.

  • Polymerisation of Esters in Supercritical CO2 with Professor Matthew Davidson, Dr Matthew Jones, Dr Uli Hintermair and Professor Steve Howdle (University of Nottingham); Industrial Partner: Corbion – PhD project
  • Molecular modelling of H2 storage in nanoporous materials with Professor Steve Parker, Professor Tim Mays & Dr Valeska Ting — 2nd MRes project
  • Optimising the washing of fabrics to save energy, water and chemicals with Dr Michael Bird, Dr John Chew & Professor Chick Wilson — 1st MRes project


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