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Rebecca Bamford

Rebecca gained her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol after which she spent several months working at Mott Macdonald Ltd. within the Generation of Renewable Energy group. During this time she worked on a biodiesel production plant and construction of solar PV farms. In 2009 she obtained her MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London, with a research project on the catalytic conversion of bioderived feedstocks.

  • Using soft biopolymer supports for metal nanoparticles in catalytic applications with Dr Laura Torrente and Dr Janet Scott — PhD project
  • Biogas upgrading by removal of CO2 and H2S using adsorbent fibre technology with Dr Semali Perera — 2nd MRes project
  • Biodiesel from algal lipids with Professor Matthew Davidson — 1st MRes project


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