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Ria Atri

Ria graduated from University College London in 2016 with an MSci in Chemistry. During her final year project she investigated the synthesis and characterisation of ternary metal sulfides for applications in photovoltaic devices. Her month long stint as a member of her secondary school’s ‘Green Club’ sparked her long standing interest in sustainability and following her degree she joined the CSCT to pursue a PhD within a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment. When she isn’t in the lab trying to tackle the global energy crisis she enjoys reading crime novels, martial arts and window shopping for things she can’t afford due to living on a stipend.

  • Novel materials for on-vehicle hydrogen electrolysers with Professor Karen Edler, Dr Hannah Leese and Professor Frank Marken – PhD project
  • Using porous materials to enhance the performance of hydrogen storage tanks with Professor Andrew Burrows, Professor Tim Mays and Professor Chris Bowen — 2nd MRes project
  • Nanomaterials for efficient artificial leaves with Dr Salvador Eslava and Professor Davide Mattia — 1st MRes project


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