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Sarah Abou-Shehada

Sarah graduated with a MChem in Chemistry from the University of Bath in 2010, during which she carried out two research projects; the first in the synthesis of group 14 tetra-selenophenyl derivatives and her final year project in the synthesis of inositols via a microbial arene oxidation intermediate. Her main areas of interest are in organic synthesis and the development of more sustainable synthetic methodology. In her spare time Sarah enjoys swimming and the odd friendly game of football.

  • Catalytic reversible oxygen transfer processes with Professor Jonathan Williams, Dr Pawel Plucinski and Professor Steven Bull; Industrial Partner: GSK  PhD project
  • Continuous tandem reactions catalysed by magnetic nanocatalysts with Dr Pawel Plucinski and Dr Christopher Frost — 2nd MRes project
  • Lipases for the asymmetric synthesis of chiral α-aryl-aldehydes with Dr Steven Bull and Professor Mike Danson — 1st MRes project


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