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Sarah Kirk

Sarah did her undergraduate degree (Chemistry, MSci) at the University of Bristol. She spent her third year of study in Bordeaux and returned there to work as a teacher for a year after graduating in 2011. For her final year project she worked on stable isotope analysis of dairy and adipose fats in African ruminant animals, for use in Neolithic diet reconstruction. In her spare time she enjoys learning languages, travelling, live music and reading.

  • New initiators for the controlled production of copolymers with Dr Matthew Jones and Dr Marianne Ellis; International Partner: RWTH Aachen University – PhD project
  • The application of new initiators, reactors and polymers to tissue engineering with Dr Marianne Ellis, Dr Matthew Jones & Dr Davide Mattia — 2nd MRes project
  • New initiators, reactors and polymers for tissue engineering applications with Dr Matthew Jones, Dr Marianne Ellis & Dr Davide Mattia — 1st MRes project


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