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Scott Allan

Scott graduated from the University of Bath with an MEng in Chemical Engineering. As part of his degree he undertook a placement year in the oil & gas industry working on an oil refinery for ExxonMobil. His final year project was on the design of a novel cultured meat process plant to produce meat on a large scale from cells without the need to slaughter animals. He will be carrying this on further in his PhD which is part-funded by the non-profit organisation New Harvest. Outside of work he loves being active and playing sport, ranging from surfing and scuba diving to squash and triathlons.

  • Cultured meat bioprocess design with Dr Marianne Ellis and Dr Paul De Bank; Industrial Partner: New Harvest – PhD project
  • Culture meat bioprocess design: bioreactors for proliferation with Dr Marianne Ellis and Dr Paul De Bank – 2nd MRes project
  • Edible biomaterial matrices as scaffolds for myoblast culture and expansion with Dr Paul De Bank and Dr Marianne Ellis – 1st MRes project


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