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Tat Ming Mako Ng

Mako graduated from the University of Bristol with a MSci in Chemistry in 2010. His third year was spent on placement with Synthomer carrying out development work in emulsion polymers. His final year project involved the synthesis and looking at the NMR relaxation of silsesquioxane-polysiloxane-silsesquioxane triblock polymer. Before joining the CDT he returned to Synthomer, and then went to Alphasense. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, playing badminton and repairing gadgets.

  • Solution-processed solar cells from earth-abundant elements with Professor Mark Weller, Dr Aron Walsh and Dr Philip Shields; Industrial Partner: SPECIFIC – PhD project
  • Waste water treatment by photocatalysts active under visible light with Dr Laura Torrente Murciano & Dr Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern — 2nd MRes project
  • Printable electronics: large-area processing of conductive metal oxides for solar cells with Dr Aron Walsh, Professor Michael Hill, Professor Mark Weller & Dr Darrell Patterson — 1st MRes project


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