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Vladislav Jarkov

Vlad graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with a Bachelors in Chemistry. During this time, he spent the summer of his first-year volunteering and his final year BSc project in the Johnson-Hill Group, learning air-sensitive chemistry, and synthesising precursors for chalcogenide thin films under the vigilant supervision of the groups PhD’s. He spent the summer preceding his final year working in the Pantos Group researching the supramolecular stabilisation of G-quadruplexes found on oncogenes.

He joined the CSCT driven by a passion for environmentalism and the need to make an active change to the world around him. Turning vegan in late 2015, as a commitment to not contributing to animal agriculture and the over-cultivation of livestock, to make a small but significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.


  • Biocompatible piezoelectrics for tissue regeneration with Dr Hamideh Khanbareh, Professor David Tosh, Professor Chris Bowen; Industrial Partner: Renishaw UK – PhD project
  • Supramolecular functionalization of graphene for plastic electronics with Dr Dan Pantos and Dr Alain Nogaret — 2nd MRes project
  • Biodegradable, power autonomous implants for CNS regeneration with Dr Hamideh Khanbareh and Professor David Tosh — 1st MRes project


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