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Successful 2nd Reaction Monitoring Symposium

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) and the Dynamic Reaction Monitoring Facility (DReaM) hosted the 2nd Reaction Monitoring Symposium on the 28th January 2019. The symposium was held in 3WN with over 100 delegates in attendance.

Attendees were treated to talks by a variety of speakers, from academic and industrial backgrounds. The presentations began with a morning session featuring Dr Ulrich Hintermair (CSCT, University of Bath) and Dr Michael Maiwald (BAM, Germany). Postgraduate members of the Hintermair research group also took to the lectern to discuss their own reaction monitoring investigations.

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Interested in using the Dynamic Reaction Monitoring (DReaM) Facility?

The DReaM Facility gives researchers the chance to monitor homogeneous reactions in real-time, under normal reaction conditions, using a variety of analytical techniques. In addition to obtaining reaction kinetics, the DReaM Facility can also help researchers shed light on reaction intermediates and by-products.

There is a call for external proposals on a six monthly basis, to access paid time at the DReaM Facility. Visit the DReaM webpages for more information.

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