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CSCT students receive teaching and supporting learning award

Emma Daniels and Joe-Paul Taylor receive Advance HE’s Associate Fellowships for their commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.

The two CSCT students, both in the last year of their PhDs, received Associate Fellowship as a result of their dedication and understanding of effective teaching and learning support methods as defined by the UK Professional Standards Framework.

Throughout their PhDs, both students have been involved in supporting teaching in different capacities – from lab demonstrations and experiment delivery to supervision of MSc students’ final year research projects. They also showed a dynamic approach to teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic, when face-to-face learning was temporarily impeded, to minimise the effect that online-based approaches had on student engagement.

Upon receiving the award, Joe-Paul Taylor said: “I am very pleased to have been awarded AFHEA, it is great to have all the work that goes into providing teaching support to the students recognised. The process was a great opportunity to reflect upon teaching practices and the feedback gained from this has helped a lot in my teaching.”

Emma Daniels said: “I’ve really enjoyed the teaching experiences I’ve had throughout my PhD and I’ve recently been thinking about career paths involving higher education teaching. Hopefully, this award will be helpful in the future, and has been a lovely way to finish a great year of tutoring, demonstrating, and supervising.”

By 31 August 2022

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