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Jon Noble

Jon graduated from the University of Surrey with an MEng (dist.) in Chemical Engineering in 2005. He spent seven years working for BP Chemicals as an expert in the Cativa© acetic acid technology and has experience across the full project lifecycle, from initial concept screening through to start-up and operations. He then spent five years working on the Central Azeri oil platform in the Caspian Sea as a stand-alone Process Engineer and part of the platform management team. His role included leading process safety on the platform; plant optimisation and troubleshooting; and coaching and development of Azerbaijani nationals. In moving to the CSCT, Jon hopes to make a significant contribution towards next-generation sustainable technologies based on renewable feedstocks, in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and meet our climate commitments under the Paris Accord.

Outside academia, Jon enjoys triathlons and endurance running; performing, writing and directing amateur dramatics, and writing comedy. He is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers, and Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Catalysts & chemical reactors for the 4th industrial revolution with Dr Alfred Hill, Professor Simon Bending and Dr Asel Sartbaeva; Industrial Partner: C-Tech – PhD Project
  • Advanced radio-frequency applications for continuous flow reactions with Dr Alfred Hill and Professor Simon Bending – 1st MRes project
  • Novel dual-functional magnetic-zeolite catalysts for renewable ethylene manufacture with Dr Asel Sartbaeva and Dr Alfred Hill – 2nd MRes project


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