We are involved in various interdisciplinary research projects at the local, national and international level.

UR Fellowship – Sugar-based Polymers for a New Generation of Sustainable Materials – The Royal Society (Oct 2017 – Sep 2022)

£830,710 Antoine Buchard The UR Fellowship allowed Antoine to work on the projects entitled ‘Sustainable Elastomers from Sugars’, ‘A functional xylose polymer platform for sustainable plastics and biomaterials’, ‘Catalysis as an Enabling Science for Sustainable Sugar-based Polymers’.


UR Fellowship – Better than Boron? Silicon-Mediated Aromatic Functionalisation – The Royal Society (Oct 2016 – Mar 2022)

£819,806 Alex Cresswell. The UR Fellowship allowed Alex to work on the projects entitled ‘New Catalytic Strategies for Metal-Free C–C Bond Formation’, ‘Technology-Enhanced Optimisation and Understanding of Photocatalytic Reactions’ and ‘New Catalytic Strategies for Metal-Free C(sp3)–H Bond Functionalisation’.


A Radical Approach to C-H Alkylation – EPSRC (Jan 2020 – Jul 2022)

£261,306 Alex Cresswell


Hub ´Science´ 3: Catalysis for the Circular Economy and Sustainable Manufacturing – EPSRC (Dec 2018 – Nov 2023)

£3,938,126 Matthew Davidson, Antoine Buchard, Ulrich Hintermair, Michael Hill, Ruth Webster


EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemical Technologies – EPSRC (Oct 2014 – Mar 2023)

£4,577,984 Matthew Davidson, Janet Scott, Tim Mays


Enabling Industrial Deployment of Deep Eutectic Solvents Through Manufacturing Tools – EPSRC (Apr 2019 – Mar 2022)

£387,155 Karen Edler


Nucleophilic Alkaline Earth Boryls: From Conception and Theory to Application – EPSRC (May 2018 – Jul 2022)

£1,277,229 Michael Hill


UR Fellowship – Novel Base Metal Catalysts for Sustainable Chemistry and Energy – The Royal Society (Oct 2017 – Sep 2022)

£833,489 Ulrich Hintermair. The UR Fellowship allowed Ulrich to work on the projects entitled ‘Novel Base Metal Catalysts based on dinuclear organometallics and electrocactive ligands for Sustainable Chemistry and Energy’. ‘Redox-active Pincer Ligands for Electrocatalysis with Base Metals’ and ‘Catalysis squared: Synergistic Cooperativity within Bimetallic Pentalenide Complexes’.


Strategies to Reduce the Burden of Antibiotic Resistance in China – MRC (Feb 2019 – Jan 2022)

£196,897 Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern


Critical Mass Application on Emergent Nanomaterials – EPSRC (Aug 2018 – Jul 2022)

£458,047 Steve Parker


GREENER – InteGRated systems for Effective EnviroNmEntal Remediation – EU Horizon 2020 (Jan 2019 – Dec 2022)

£388,846 Mirella Di Lorenzo, Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern, Janet Scott


EC Fellowship – Cast Iron Catalysis: New Protocols for the Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds – EPSRC (Dec 2017 – Mar 2023)

£1,062,652 Ruth Webster


Supergen Bioenergy Hub – EPSRC (Nov 2018 – Oct 2022)

£455,952 Marcelle McManus


Next Generation Li-ion Cathode Materials (CAT-MAT) – EPSRC (Oct 2019 – Sep 2023)

£11,022,041 Saiful Islam, Benjamin Morgan


West of England Sustainable Technologies Scale-Up Programme (WoESTSP) – ERDF (Jul 2020 – Jun 2023)

£1,580,000 Matthew Davidson, Tina Duren, Pete Walker


Quantifying the Dynamic Response in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs): A Platform for Tuning Chemical Space in Porous Materials – EPSRC (Nov 2021 – Nov 2023)

£381,278 Tina Duren


UKWIR AMR – UK Water Industry Research Ltd (UKWIR) (Sep 2020 – Apr 2022)

£283,093 Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern


Stimuli Responsive Materials for the Rapid Detection and Treatment of Healthcare Associated – EU Horizon 2020 (Oct 2020 – Sep 2024)

£480,087 Petra Cameron


Biodegradable Bioplastics – Assessing Environmental Risk – NERC (Nov 2020 – Nov 2024)

£443,194 Matthew Davidson, Matthew Jones, Antoine Buchard


The Somer Valley Innovative Pathway Control (IPC) Project – Wessex Water (Nov 2020 – Oct 2022)

£351,015 Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern


C-THRU: Carbon clarity in the global petrochemical supply chain – V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation (Oct 2020 – Sep 2023)

£456,947 Rick Lupton


Minimally Invasive Molecularly Imprinted Conductive Nanoneedle Sensors – EPSRC (Apr 2021 – Mar 2023)

£300,979 Hannah Leese


Building an Early Warning System for community-wide infectious disease spread: SARS-CoV-2 tracking in Africa via environment fingerprinting- COVID-19 – UKRI (Aug 2020 – Feb 2022)

£262,079 Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern


Responsive Manufacturing Systems: Maximising Value Through Life – EPSRC (May 2021 – May 2023)

£523,467 Linda Newnes, Marcelle McManus


Catalytic reversible oxygen transfer processes

Student: Abou-Shehada, Sarah

Supervisors: Williams, Plucinski, Bull

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Alcohol Dehydrogenases from the thermophile Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius

Student: Williams, Luke

Supervisors: Bull, Danson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

TMO Renewables

The development of microbial lipids suitable as low temperature fuel feedstock

Student: Sargeant, Lisa

Supervisors: Chuck, R Scott, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Airbus Group; Almac

Renewable liquid fuels from microbes for aviation and road transport use

Student: Jenkins, Rhodri

Supervisors: Chuck, Bannister, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Airbus Group

Hydrogen storage in novel nanoporous materials for sustainable energy applications in the aerospace industry

Student: Sharpe, Jessica

Supervisors: Mays, Burrows

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Airbus Group

ZnO photocatalytic membranes for water treatment

Student: Ramirez Canon, Anyela

Supervisors: Mattia, Cameron, Arnot, Torrente

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Tailored donor acceptor carbon nanohybrids as new approaches to photovoltaic applications

Student: Hodges, Ben

Supervisors: Pascu, Cameron, Raithby, Mattia

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Urea as a renewable feedstock for PEM fuel cells

Student: Hill, Alf

Supervisors: Torrente, Marken, Iravani

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University

Phase stability and composition for tin sulfide sensitised solar cells

Student: Burton, Lee

Supervisors: Walsh, Molloy, Bowen

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Graphene nanocomposites and biocomposites in cancer theranostics: towards prostate cancer biosensing

Student: Tyson, James

Supervisors: Pascu, Marken, Estrela, Tyrrell

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Central Laser Facility

Oxidised Cellulose Gels and Films for Encapsulation and Release

Student: Celebi, Duygu

Supervisors: Edler, Scott, Guy

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


The application of hybrid membrane processes to fractionate gum arabic into streams of added value

Student: Manning, Harriet

Supervisors: Bird, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Kerry Ingredients

Design of multi-catalytic processes for drug discovery

Student: Mahy, William

Supervisors: Frost, Bull, Plucinski

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

CatSci; Sasol

New approaches to the catalytic activation of arenes

Student: Lomax, Helen

Supervisors: Williams, Bull, Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University

Care product emulsions and a palm oil substitute from a yeast cultivated on waste

Student: Whiffin, Fraeya

Supervisors: Chuck, D Patterson, Edler, R Scott

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Depolymerized lignin for the aviation and care product sectors – catalyst design and product testing

Student: Parker, Heather

Supervisors: Jones, Chuck

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Airbus Group

Computer Modelling of new Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries

Student: Wood, Stephen

Supervisors: Islam, Mays

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Sharp Laboratories of Europe

Characterisation of perovskite solar cells

Student: Pockett, Adam

Supervisors: Cameron, Walker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Anodized ZnO nanostructures for next-generation photovoltaics

Student: Miles, David

Supervisors: Mattia, Cameron

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Thermodynamics for practical kesterite photovoltaics

Student: Jackson, Adam

Supervisors: Walsh, Peter

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Investigating fouling and cleaning during the filtration of gum Arabic to save water and reduce energy

Student: Hayward, Emily

Supervisors: Bird, Wilson, Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Kerry Ingredients; RWTH Aachen University

Precursor and Process Development into Thin Film Metal Chalcogenide Materials

Student: Ahmet, Ibrahim

Supervisors: Johnson, Hill, Bending, Peters

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

Towards robust cellulose-based nanofiltration membranes

Student: Wirawan, Remigius

Supervisors: J Scott, Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of Campinas

Selective catalytic C-H activation for drug manufacture

Student: Paterson, Andy

Supervisors: Frost, Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Novel catalytic methodology for the sustainable synthesis of aza-heterocycles

Student: Jones, Caroline

Supervisors: Williams, Plucinski, Bull

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


New precursors for application in thin film chalcogenide materials

Student: Thompson, Joe

Supervisors: Johnson, Wolverson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Polymerisation of Esters in Supercritical CO2

Student: McKeown, Paul

Supervisors: Davidson, Jones, Hintermair, Howdle (Nottingham)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


New initiators for the controlled production of copolymers

Student: Kirk, Sarah

Supervisors: Jones, Ellis

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University

Biomaterial substrates for cardiac stem cell engineering

Student: Johns, Marcus

Supervisors: Sharma, J Scott, Rahatekar (Bristol)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Revolution Fibres

Cyclic carbonates from sugars and CO2: synthesis, polymerisation and biomedical applications

Student: Gregory, George

Supervisors: Buchard, Davidson, Sharma

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


(Bio)catalytic synthesis of a novel transport fuel substitute from industrially produced fermentation products

Student: Donnelley, Joseph

Supervisors: Chuck, Bannister, McManus

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University

Lower energy recovery of dilute organics from fermentation broths

Student: Davey, Chris

Supervisors: D Patterson, Leak

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


A protecting group free strategy for the sustainable synthesis of polyketide natural products

Student: Chapman, Robert

Supervisors: Bull, Plucinski, Jones, Gonzalez (University Jaume I)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Northwestern University

Novel materials for catalytic conversion of bio-oils

Student: Wagner, Jon

Supervisors: Ting, Weller, Chuck

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water; Airbus Group

The development of new graphene-based materials

Student: Rushworth, Andrew

Supervisors: Raithby, Bending, Johnson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey

Solution-processed solar cells from earth-abundant elements

Student: Ng, Mako

Supervisors: Weller, Walsh, Shields

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Chemical bonding in metal-organic frameworks: from fundamentals to design principles

Student: Bristow, Jessica

Supervisors: Walsh, Ting, Gale (Curtin University)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Microbial fuel cells as online and on site sensors for water quality

Student: Bradley, Stephen

Supervisors: Di Lorenzo, Kasprzyk-Hordern, Marken, Dennis (Wessex Water)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of São Paulo, Wessex Water

Benzoxaboroles for Membrane Separation

Student: Lampard, Emma

Supervisors: James, D Patterson, Bull

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosch University

Photofloworganocatalysis for sustainable redox chemistry

Student: Camilleri, Matthew

Supervisors: Carbery, Murciano

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Stabilisation of nanoparticles on curved supports

Student: Bell, Tamsin

Supervisors: Muricana, Parker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Sasol Technologies

Sustainable production of 2-phenylethanol from Metschnikowia pulcherrima

Student: Smith, Tristan

Supervisors: Henk, Chuck

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosch University

Development of Innovative Nanoporous Carbons from Renewable Lignin Feedstocks and Investigation of Novel Characterisation Techniques

Student: Rowlandson, Jemma

Supervisors: Ting, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

MAST Carbon, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Terpene Derived Monomers for New Polymers

Student: Quilter, Helena

Supervisors: Jones, Mattia, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University, Stellenbosch University

Processing, Forming and Modifying Cellulose to Produce Materials and Composites with Specific Properties and Tested Biodegradability

Student: Obrien, James C

Supervisors: Scott, Mattia, Torrente, Murray

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of São Paulo, The Ohio State University

Catalytic conversion of Terpene feedstocks into value-added chemicals and commodity pharmaceuticals

Student: Cunningham, William

Supervisors: Bull, Plucinski, Jones, D Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosch University

Optimising Energy Harvesting Processes in Metal Halide Photovoltaics

Student: Weber, Oliver

Supervisors: Weller, Bowen, Walsh, Cameron

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Molecularly Defined Electro-Catalysts for Energy Conversion and Biomass Valorisation

Student: Sackville, Emma

Supervisors: Hintermair, Marken

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey

Design of Safe Hybrid Hydrogen Storage Tanks

Student: Holyfield, Leighton

Supervisors: Mays, Burrows

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

EPL Composite Solutions Ltd

Development of a self-sustainable and cost-effective tool for water quality monitoring in developing countries

Student: Chouler, Jon

Supervisors: Di Lorenzo, Cameron, Kasprzyk-Hordern

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water, Wellboring

Decorated cellulose surfaces – opportunities for novel, sustainable ingredients for formulated products and tissue engineering scaffolds

Student: Courtenay, Jamie

Supervisors: Scott, Sharma, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of Campinas

Ceria-based Engine Exhuast Catalysts

Student: Rood, Shawn

Supervisors: Eslava, Robinson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey; University of Cambridge

Computational and Experimental Studies of Single-Use-Technology Bioreactors

Student: Maltby Richard

Supervisors: Chew, Leak

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Centre for Process Innovation

Sustainable C-H Functionalisation by Improved Catalyst Design

Student: Heron, Callum

Supervisors: Frost, E Patterson, Buchard

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

The Scripps Research Institute

New Sustainable Materials for Terpenoid Feedstocks

Student: Smug, Kasia

Supervisors: Plucinski, Davidson, Hintermair

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Sasol; Isobionics

Group 4 Catalysts for Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) synthesis

Student: Joyes, Michael

Supervisors: Davidson, Jones, D Patterson, E Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Using natural variation and adaptive evolution of Metschnikowia pulcherrima for lipid production from low value plant feedstocks

Student: Hicks, Rob

Supervisors: Henk, Chuck

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

AB Agri

Deep Eutectic Solvents: Structure, Surfactants and Synthesis

Student: Hammond, Oliver

Supervisors: Edler, Eslava, Bowren

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


A Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approach to the Development of Homogeneous Catalysts for Hydrogen Transfer Chemistry

Student: Hall, Andrew

Supervisors: Hintermair, Buchard, Lowe

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Extraction and modification of greener surfactants from natural sources and their use in development of delivery methods for active compounds

Student: Elstone, Naomi

Supervisors: Edler, Leak, Lewis

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Overcoming the efficiency bottleneck of metal sulfide solar cells

Student: Wallace, Suzanne

Supervisors: Walsh, Bowen, Weller

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Duke University, SPECIFIC

Developing a marine biorefinery for the production of fuels and fertilizer from the hydrothermal liquefaction of macroalgae

Student: Raikova, Sonia

Supervisors: Chuck, McManus

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Airbus Group

Engineering Perovskites for 3rd Generation Solar Cells

Student: Ferdani, Dominic

Supervisors: Cameron, Lewis, Walker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Synthesis, characterization and applications of novel hierarchical porous materials

Student: Doan, Huan

Supervisors: Ting, Sartbaeva

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey, Nanyang Technological University

Interface engineering for indium-free transparent electronics

Student: Davies, Daniel

Supervisors: Walsh, Allsopp, Morgan

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Yonsei University

Fluorogenic materials for diagnosis and theranostic applications

Student: Weber, Maria

Supervisors: James, Mackenzie, Bull

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

ECUST (Shanghai); GSK; Redx Pharma

Electrochemical detection of microRNAs for cancer diagnosis

Student: Serife Ustuner

Supervisors: Estrela, Frost, Lindsay

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of São Paulo

Bridging the Gap in Sustainable Continuous Chemicals Manufacture: Integrating Upstream Synthesis and Downstream Crystallisation

Student: Scott, Daniel

Supervisors: Wilson, Davidson, Reis

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Development of nanostructured metal oxides for solar fuels

Student: Regue, Miriam

Supervisors: Eslava, Johnson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Technical University of Denmark

Iron photocatalysis for the efficient synthesis of phosphorus-carbon bonds

Student: Provis-Evans, Cei

Supervisors: Webster, E Patterson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

CatSci; Nanyang Technological University

Catalytic transformation and valorization or terpenes and other biorenewables

Student: Tibbetts, Josh

Supervisors: Bull, Martinez-Hernandez, Lewis, Hintermair

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosh University, UNAM (Mexico)

Benign Catalysts for the Production of Renewable plastics

Student: McCormick, Strachan

Supervisors: Davidson, Buchard, Jones

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Designing a novel biocatalysis platform based on beta-peptide linkages

Student: Crean, Rory

Supervisors: Pudney, Bull

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosch University

Developing a food-grade high value palm oil substitute from the yeast M. pulcherrima

Student: Abeln, Felix

Supervisors: Chuck, Henk

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Croda and AB Agri

Double energised ZnO nanowires for the degradation of trace contaminants in waste water

Student: Taylor, Caitlin

Supervisors: Wenk, Mattia, Kasprzyk-Hordern

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials: Enhancing Efficiencies of GaN LEDs

Student: Sullivan, Hannah

Supervisors: Johnson, Allsopp

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


New Catalysts for Dioxygen Activation

Student: Singer Hobbs, Maya

Supervisors: Hintermair, Plucinski, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Exploiting perovskites for the generation of solar fuels

Student: Poli, Isabella

Supervisors: Cameron, Eslava

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Pollutant speciation and remediation in the environment using atomistic simulations

Student: Ohene-Yeboah, Leyorla

Supervisors: Parker, Wenk, Kasprzyk-Hordern

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Rapid on-site colourimetric determination of drinking water safety in the developing world

Student: Lopez, Carlos

Supervisors: Lewis, James, Wenk

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

The Nasio Trust

Structure, spectroscopy and photoelectrochemistry of photovoltaic materials

Student: Charles, Bethan

Supervisors: Weller, Wolverson, Peter

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Release, Monitoring and Recovery of Drugs with Selective Ionic Diodes

Student: Thompson, Abigail

Supervisors: Marken, Estrela, Scott

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Zimmer & Peacock

Visible-light mediated C–H functionalisations

Student: Ryder, Alison

Supervisors: Cresswell

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Organoid Expansion Bioreactor Development

Student: Pinheiro, Jessica

Supervisors: Ellis, De Bank, Newell (Celesce)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


The fractionation and concentration of whey protein and casein streams from skimmed milk

Student: Escursell, Oriol

Supervisors: Bird, Kasprzyk-Hordern, Chew, Wenk

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Tetra Pak

Sequence Control in Synthetic Polymers via Post-Polymerization Stereochemical Resolution

Student: Thomlinson, Isabel

Supervisors: Hintermair, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Corbion; Bruker

Developing a molecular description of adsorption and solubility of cellulose

Student: Stalker, Megan

Supervisors: Parker, Duren, Scott, Grant

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University of São Paulo; University of Campinas

Tackling carbon catabolite repression and sporulation in Parageobacillus spp.

Student: Liang, Jinghui

Supervisors: Leak, Bolhuis

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Bio-based monomers for high performance materials

Student: Federle, Stefanie

Supervisors: Davidson, Scott, Trask

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Anaerobic mixed culture processes for bio-waste valorization

Student: De Groof, Vicky

Supervisors: Lanham, Arnot, Leak, Coma

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water, GENeco

Robust Catalysts for the depolymerisation of polyesters

Student: Bevon, Elizabeth

Supervisors: Jones, Mattia

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

RWTH Aachen University

Metabolic flux analysis of Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius for the prediction and analysis of metabolic engineering strategies

Student: Bennett, Martyn

Supervisors: Leak, Arnot

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Corbion; Indian Institute of Technology

Low-cost ozonation of waste water with optimised biofiltration and alternative gas-transfer methods

Student: Zoumpouli, Garyfalia

Supervisors: Wenk, Kasprzyk-Hordern, Chew

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Chalcogenide thin film materials for next generation energy applications

Student: Taylor, Emily

Supervisors: Johnson, Hill, Wolverson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Metal Oxide Photoelectrode Materials for Water Splitting

Student: Surman, Matthew

Supervisors: Hill, Johnson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Medicinal products in the environment: novel strategies reducing environmental exposure

Student: Sims, Natalie

Supervisors: Kasprzyk-Hordern, Arnot

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Mesoporous metals for inductively heated catalysis

Student: Boswell, Jacob

Supervisors: Squires, Hill

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Controllable Synthesis of Perovskite Quantum Dots Using Flow Chemistry

Student: Baker, Robert

Supervisors: Cameron, Torrente (Cambridge), Marken, Walker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University; CSIRO

Novel materials for on-vehicle hydrogen electrolysers

Student: Atri, Ria

Supervisors: Eslava, Edler, Marken, Bannister

Fluorophore labelled peptides for diagnostic and theranostic applications

Student: Watt, Kathryn

Supervisors: Mason, James, Williams

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Polymer stabilized phospholipid nanodiscs - Protein: polymer interactions

Student: Morrison, Kerrie

Supervisors: Edler, Whitley, Price, Doutch (ISIS), Clifton (ISIS)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Biocompatible piezoelectrics for tissue regeneration

Student: Jarkov, Vlad

Supervisors: Khanbareh, Tosh, Scott, Bowen

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Renishaw UK

Kinetic isotope effects as transition-state probes for glycosidic reactions

Student: Glancy, Jack

Supervisors: Williams, Pudney

Engineering defects and disorder for enhanced pharmaceutical properties

Student: Al-Ani, Aneesa

Supervisors: Wilson, Castro Dominguez, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Astrazeneca; CMAC

Multifunctional adsorbent structures for air purification

Student: Barnard, Jonathan

Supervisors: Chew, Perera, Burrows

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

DSTL; Carbonex Ltd; Avon Protection; Monash University

Functional Xylose Polymer platform for sustainable plastics

Student: Piccini, Marco

Supervisors: Buchard, Chuck, Leak

Structure, Applications and Processing of Biopolymers

Student: Lightfoot, Jasmine

Supervisors: Parker, Castro-Dominguez, Buchard

Self healing elastomers for life-extension of rubber

Student: Boden, James

Supervisors: Davidson, Buchard, Bowen, Norris (ARTIS)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Cultured meat bioprocess design

Student: Allan, Scott

Supervisors: Ellis, De Bank

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

New Harvest

New approaches to microbial ecology in biological phosphorus removal systems

Student: Runa, Viviane

Supervisors: Lanham, Jones

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water; Anglian Water

Splitting of Water Assisted by Pyro-electricity (SWAP)

Student: Roake, Eleanor

Supervisors: Bowen, Marken, Khanbareh

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Removal of endocrine disruptor BPA from water

Student: Kearney, Philippa

Supervisors: Cameron, Kasprzyk-Hordern, Wilson, Di Lorenzo

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

New sustainable energy materials for rechargeable batteries

Student: Clarke, Matthew

Supervisors: Islam, Mays

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

CFH Docmail

Combining experiment and theory to unravel the biogeochemical cycling of O2 in lacustrine and marine environments

Student: Townsend, Piers

Supervisors: Bryant, Grayson, Kjeldsen

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University, Bristol Water

Novel escape mask filters using monolithic type structures

Student: Scott, Stuart

Supervisors: Perera, Chew, Burrows

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

DSTL, Carbontex Ltd, University of Melbourne, Avon Protection

Catalytic upgrading of polymer waste into added-value products

Student: Payne, Jack

Supervisors: Jones, Emanuelsson Patterson, Buchard

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Metal-organic frameworks for the delivery of biocompatible molecules

Student: Paul-Taylor, Joseph

Supervisors: Burrows, Duren, Lyall, Barbour

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellebosch University

Catalysts & chemical reactors for the 4th industrial revolution

Student: Noble, Jon

Supervisors: Hill, Sartbaeva, Bending

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Surface-tethered styrene-maleic acid lipid particles (SMALPs) towards the application of membrane proteins in devices

Student: Neville, George

Supervisors: Estrela, Price, Whitley, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Stellenbosch University

The effect of framework structure and composition on controlled drug release by zeolites

Student: McHugh, Sandra

Supervisors: O'Malley, Sartbaeva, Duren

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

An integrated marine biorefinery for the production of advanced liquid fuels

Student: Jones, Edward

Supervisors: Chuck

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

The next generation of materials discovery - creating tools to break the rules

Student: Hand, Calum

Supervisors: Duren, Hook

Main group catalysis for sustainable piezoelectrics

Student: English, Laura

Supervisors: Liptrot, Jones, Bowen

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

The synthesis and development of sugar-derived polymers for application in healthcare technologies

Student: Daniels, Emma

Supervisors: Buchard, Leese, Parker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Suppressing ion motion in lead halide perovskite solar cells

Student: Cowley, Matthew

Supervisors: Cameron, Walker, Parker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Atomization of polymeric solutions. Co-axial flow nozzle atomization for droplet dispensation of sustainable materials

Student: Callaghan, Ciarán

Supervisors: Mattia, Scott, Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Naturbeads, Universidade de Sao Paulo

Semiconductor materials for sustainable energy technologies

Student: Brookes, Andrew

Supervisors: Johnson, Wolverson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

PragmatIC, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Monitoring community health through wastewater based epidemiology: new analytical framework and technological approaches toward community infectious disease diagnostics

Student: Boxall-Clasby, James

Supervisors: Kasprzyk Hordern, Estrela, Feil

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Detecting synthetic cannabinoids through synthetic and analytical routes

Student: Andrews, Rachael

Supervisors: Pudney, Husbands, Lewis, Blagbrough

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

TicTac Communications Ltd

Catalytic arene functionalization with nucleophilic heavier alkaline earth reagents

Student: Kennedy, Dominic

Supervisors: Hill, Jones (Monash), Liptrot

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Chemical Recycling of Plastics: A Life Cycle Approach

Student: Furlong, Rebecca

Supervisors: McManus, Davidson

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

EPSRC UK Catalysis Hub

Sustainable Bio-based Composite Materials

Student: Elgie, Shaun

Supervisors: Davidson, McManus, Young (NCC), Martin (NCC)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

National Composites Centre (NCC)

Rapid additive and solvent screening for morphology control in continuous crystallisation via machine learning.

Student: Wilkinson, Matthew

Supervisors: Castro Dominguez, Wilson, Martinez Hernandez, Johnson (CMAC)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Development of sustainable solid-supported strong acid catalysts 

Student: Topley, Joshua

Supervisors: Davidson, Plucinski

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


New catalyst design to facilitate plasmonic acceleration of hydrogenation reactions

Student: Rogers, Hannah

Supervisors: Freakley, Cameron

Catalyst Reincarnation: Post-polymerization activity of Ring-opening Polymerisation Catalysts as Antimicrobials in Biomedical Materials

Student: Parks, Jaidene

Supervisors: Davidson, Scott, Andrews (Monash), Meagher (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Novel monomers from sugars: synthesis, catalysis, polymerisation and applications in degradable electronics

Student: Oshinowo, Matthew

Supervisors: Buchard, Marken

Sequence Control via Selective Polymerization Catalysis to Tune the Degradation Properties of Poly(lactic acid), PLA

Student: Murphy, Niamh

Supervisors: Davidson, Buchard

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Total Corbion

Polysaccharide based formulation ingredients for use in fast moving consumer goods

Student: Leaman, Niamh

Supervisors: Edler, Scott, Buchard

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Catch and Release Catalysis

Student: Hine, Jess

Supervisors: Frost, Leese

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Gaining Selectivity Control in Homogeneous Catalytic Ester Formation and Reduction with Multi-Nuclear High Resolution FlowNMR Spectroscopy

Student: Harper, Owen

Supervisors: Hintermair, Lyall, Lowe

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Johnson Matthey

Machine learning for the prediction of novel pharmaceutical cocrystals under mechanochemical synthesis

Student: Gröls, Jan

Supervisors: Castro-Dominguez, Chuck

New bismuth-based biopolymer composites for challenging anti-microbial resistance

Student: Dhamoon, Rupinder

Supervisors: Jenkins, Andrews (Monash), Batchelor (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Printed cell scaffolds for rapid, robust tox testing of new chemicals – beyond animal testing

Student: Chakkumpulakkal puthan veettil, Thulya

Supervisors: De Bank, Edler, Wood (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Reactions in Deep Eutectic Solvents: Time-resolved studies of structure control via solvent bonding

Student: Bathke, Elly

Supervisors: Edler, Hintermair, Bowron (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Isis Neutron and Muon Source

Evaluating the Economic, Technical and Environmental Feasibility of a Marine Biorefinery

Student: Amponsah, Lorraine

Supervisors: Chuck, Leese

Sustainable Development of Non-aqueous Rheology Modifiers for the Personal Care Industry

Student: Yang, Philip

Supervisors: Davidson, Edler, Scott

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Scott Bader

Anticipating future environmental impacts to make better decisions today - prospective life cycle assessment using scenarios from integrated assessment models

Student: Simaitis, Joris

Supervisors: Allen, Lupton

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

University College London

High Energy Density Li-ion Cathodes: Computational Insights and Discovery of New Mixed-Anion Materials

Student: Richards, Hollie

Supervisors: Morgan, Islam

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

CATMAT (The Faraday Institution)

Computer modelling studies of new materials for lithium and sodium batteries

Student: Goldmann, Ben

Supervisors: Morgan, Islam

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

CATMAT (The Faraday Institution)

Multiscale Molecular Behaviour in the Zeolite Catalysed Methanol-to-hydrocarbons Process

Student: Woodward, Claire-Louise

Supervisors: O'Malley, Parker, Freakley

Sugar-based polymers for renewable, degradable and efficient battery electrolytes

Student: Runge, James

Supervisors: Buchard

Aiding the transition from crude oil feedstocks to biomass

Student: Morton, Katie

Supervisors: O'Malley, Armstrong (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Multi-nuclear operando FlowNMR investigations of catalytic amine formation reactions

Student: Khan, Adam

Supervisors: Hintermair, Sale (Syngenta)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Polymerising, depolymerising and repurposing using iron catalysis

Student: Johnson, Mirela

Supervisors: Webster, Kyne (Monash University)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Atomic Layer Deposited Heterojunctions for Light-Driven Water Splitting in Tandem Cells

Student: Harris-Lee, Thom

Supervisors: Johnson, Marken, Bowen, Zhang (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Precise, Rapid and Scalable Sustainable Polymer Synthesis by Automated Catalytic Flow Reactors

Student: Ellis, Sophie

Supervisors: Junkers (Monash University), Buchard

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Solution and Interfacial Properties of Biosourced Anionic Surfactants

Student: Deeming, Laura

Supervisors: Edler, Lewis

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Novel polymers from sugars: synthesis, catalysis and applications

Student: Clark, Ella

Supervisors: Buchard

Medicinal products in the environment: novel strategies reducing environmental exposure

Student: Ceolotto, Nicola

Supervisors: Kasprzyk-Hordern, Jagadeesan

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Wessex Water

Chirality and potency assessment of drugs and emerging commercial Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis species

Student: Byrnes, Neil

Supervisors: Marriott (Monash), Kasprzyk-Hordern

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

An Investigation into the Feasibility, Operability, and Desirability of Continuous Processes for Tissue Engineering-Based Cellular Agriculture Applications

Student: Westerhoff, Lily

Supervisors: Ellis, McManus

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

New Harvest

The whole-system impact of design decisions on material and carbon stocks and flows in the UK’s construction industry

Student: Anspach, Rebeka

Supervisors: Lupton, Allen, McManus

Hydrogen LCA for Large Road Vehicles

Student: Wilkinson, Julian

Supervisors: McManus, Mays

Chemical Recycling of Commodity Polymers

Student: Savage, Dominic

Supervisors: Davidson, Jones

Novel nanoporous composites for sustainable energy applications

Student: Davies, Hugh

Supervisors: Mays, Turner (Monash), Bowen, Burrows, Banerjee (Monash), Chaffee (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

O2 Activation with Dinuclear Transition Metal Complexes for Aerobic Oxidation Catalysis

Student: Coles, Alec

Supervisors: Hintermair, Johnson

Peptide polymer fibres: Novel structures, syntheses and applications

Student: Dickinson, Olivia

Supervisors: Leese, Robinson (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Porous Piezo-ceramics

Student: Tezcan, Alex

Supervisors: Bowen, Roscow, Khanbareh, Poulin-Vittrant (GREMAN)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

GREMAN (Université de Tours), DSTL

Hunting for the perfect phase change material (PCM) for the built environment

Student: Katish, Mohamed

Supervisors: Ferrandiz-Mas, Allen

Gelation by design for sustainable next generation consumer products

Student: Green, Bradley

Supervisors: Edler

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Chemical Recycling of Mixed Feedstock Plastics

Student: Cullen, Matthew

Supervisors: Davidson, Jones

Water fingerprinting for health and lifestyle assessment

Student: Ranathunge, Bhagya

Supervisors: Kasprzyk-Hordern

Tackling Scope 3 emissions in the construction sector using hybrid life cycle assessment

Student: Ba Jaman, Abdulrahman

Supervisors: Allen, Houlihan Wiberg

Pyrolysis to improve bio-based building materials

Student: Vassallo, Claire

Supervisors: Maskell, Walker

Industrial/International Partner(s):  


Mechanism-guided development of new catalysts for redox-mediated nitrogen reduction to ammonia

Student: Truong, Duong

Supervisors: Simonov (Monash), Hintermair

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Photochemical functionalisation of primary amines

Student: Richards, Darren

Supervisors: Cresswell, Coote (Lancaster University)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

BASF Chemicals

Chemical sensing of nitrous oxide – A pollutant of concern in multiple environmental contexts

Student: Austin, Michael

Supervisors: Lewis, Tuck (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

Polymers from Sugars: development of emerging sustainable plastics and investigation of their impact on the marine environment

Student: Trudinger Charnley, Eleanor

Supervisors: Buchard, Cole (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Lindeque (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Renewable cyclic monomers for ring-opening polymerisation and copolymerisation with Lactide

Student: Plumley, Anita

Supervisors: Buchard, Davidson

New Polymers from Sustainable Furanic Feedstocks

Student: Kay, Andrew

Supervisors: Davidson, Buchard

Water fingerprinting with mass spectrometry for environmental and public health assessment

Student: Hawkins, Eva

Supervisors: Kasprzyk-Hordern, Barnett, Jagadeesan

The development of diagnostic indicators of community-wide health using Wastewater Based Epidemiology with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry techniques

Student: Elliss, Harry

Supervisors: Kasprzyk-Hordern, Barnett, Proctor

Developing zeolite based anti-cancer drug delivery systems

Student: Dunkley, George

Supervisors: O'Malley, Sartbaeva

Quantifying unknown uncertainty in cutting carbon emissions

Student: Dineen, Cormac

Supervisors: Lupton, Allen

Synthesis of Polyaminoboranes for Sustainable Applications

Student: Babula, Dawid

Supervisors: Liptrot, Bowen, Freakley, Vidovic (Monash)

Industrial/International Partner(s):  

Monash University

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